English Classes

Come along and practice conversation in a relaxed friendly group led by a qualified ESL teacher. A great place to make new friends while in Cairns. Topics are Aussie Culture and Parables (Just turn up no booking is necessary). Where: Cairns Baptist Church 138-142 Lake St, Cairns in the CBD (near the private hospital). When: 4.30pm- 6.00pm each Sunday Who: Phone Brett 0421 647 768 for more details
English Class

Lending Library

Our church runs an extensive lending library. You can find anything here from children's stories to deep theological discussions on the pages of the books kept here. Our dedicated library team open this up after each morning service and would love to share their knowledge of the library catalogue with those who choose to browse. The library is currently located behind the curtains on the left-hand side of the church stage.
Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blog – July 2018

G’day Church, I want to thank you for your generosity in giving money for Glen and Suthida Westwood last month. What a great thing to be a blessing to this family as they serve overseas in Asia. I hope you are enjoying the sermons on Hebrews 11 the last couple of months. This month we…

Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – July 2018

Hello church family. With all that is going on this month in the church I just wanted to share something small that happened during the week. While I do believe that the convention that is held up here this month, Gary’s retirement and Josh’s ordination are all special events and they should be celebrated, we…

Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – July 2018

Lately I have been challenged by this idea of the need to protect your heart even when fully involved in where God calls you. What does it even mean to protect or care for your heart? For the longest time, I thought that simply meant praying or reading my Bible a little more than usual…

Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – June 2018

Hello church family. For those that have not noticed, the name of the afternoon program (formally known as Bean Bag) has changed. The name J.A.M (Jesus and Me) has given direction and focus to the program and although it has only been changed this term, there are positives that are evident already. The ministry already…

Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blog – June 2018

Hi Church, May has been a pretty busy month and it has been great to have a focus on the bigger picture of Mission. But with May finishing I hope that we don’t put Mission on the shelf the rest of the year!!! The reality is that Mission is something that we have been charged…

Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – June 2018

Hi Church, I want to take a bit of a different track this month for Connections. To start with I just want to say thank you to a lot of people that have just been awesome to me and my family. I won’t name people and some of you have no idea that you have…

Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blob – May Missions 2018

Hi Church, I wonder if you watched the Commonwealth Games recently. It seems that Cairns was abuzz with Games fever. Us Aussies did really well and some of our athletes performed out of their skin. The Games were not without controversy – a couple of transgender athletes, nightclub fights and a handful of athletes disappearing…

Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blog – April 18

Hi Church, Thanks for another opportunity to share with you again in the Connections. Welcome to you if you are also visiting with us. I trust you have a warm experience as you worship and fellowship with us. Well the series on ‘Change’ has come and gone and I have appreciated the positive feedback from…

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