CBC Youth – Dive Deeper

Hey Youth, We’re back at the church this week starting at 7pm. We’ll be taking a close look into the Bible about somethings that are common problems for the youth of this age. So come ready for some serious conversation. $3 for supper and pick up at 9:30pm. See you there.

CBC Youth – Fair Dinkum Crossfit!

Tonight for Youth, be ready for hurt… We’re going to head south to Fair Dinkum Crossfit and do a crossfit session. We’ll meet up at the church at 7pm and also get picker up there at 9:30pm. Bring $3, a water bottle, closed in shoes, and gym gear (like a towel). Looking forward to it!

CBC Youth – Dive Deeper

Hi Youth!   Tonight we’re going to dive into the skill of standing up for our faith starting at 7pm. Clint’s going to take us through apologetics and how to stand up and not be battered down by the people who just don’t care. $3 bucks for supper and pick up at 9:30pm. Hope to…

CBC Youth – Red Arrow Walk of Faith

Hey Youth!   This week, we’re heading up the red arrow for a “Walk of Faith”. Meet up at café tank sixty four (by the old red arrow entry), for drop off and pick up. Make sure to bring a water bottle and closed in shoes… maybe a torch… if you think you’ll need it.…

Creative Ministries Team Night

Whole Team from 7:30pm ~ Sunday Team from 8:30pm Join us as we play & sing together, learning new songs & worshipping together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

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