Gary’s Blog – April 2017

I have been so encouraged lately at the responses to the sermon series, Dealing with the pressures of to-day’s world from Psalm 23 in the morning and “What Jesus came to do” in the evening services. When we put together the Preaching roster, some months before, after we have prayed, certain subjects or series come to mind. I know there are some of you who enjoy exegetical (verse by verse) preaching and of course, this is one way to make God’s Word come alive to us (as with Psalm 23).  At other times, topical sermons are used to touch people who may be struggling in a certain area.

However, it is God’s Word to each of us whether preached by a well-known orator or whether it is Josh, me, Jeremy or others. God’s Word is powerful and touches lives if we are willing to listen, no matter who is speaking. It certainly speaks to us as we prepare the messages and although the series are put in place some time ago, they are on the right day at the right time for someone listening.

So it is with you as you reach out to others with the Gospel of Christ. We never know whom God has sent across our path, so we just need to be prepared to be bold in asking the right questions and being pre-pared with the answers.  It will be our story of the impact He has had on our own lives that people will be interested in hearing, and then how they can apply it to their lives.

People are desperate for the purpose of life – some are blind, some have never heard and some need a nudge to be gently challenged.  If they don’t respond, you have done your part.  That is all God calls us to do.  To be obedient, to carry out the Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20), to read and study His Word and to spend time with Him in prayer (both speaking and listening)!

For us, as Christians, we should be excited to be living in these days, preparing ourselves for the Lord’s re-turn, showing love to one another, recognising our own shortcomings and encouraging one another to serve Him. It is a great thing to hear that people are praying for you – God uses each other to grow together in love and in a spirit of unity.

May we desire to be obedient in all areas of our lives, may we be humble enough to totally surrender our-selves to Him and may we become BOLDER as we Intentionally Follow Jesus.

You will be blessed as you do these things and you might be surprised at peoples’ responses. Please be praying for each other as we reach out to our community and that our Church will be a haven for those who need help and comfort and a light on the hill for those who need salvation.