Gary’s Blog – July 2016

The Monday morning Ladies Bible Study is studying Proverbs at the moment and the focus is around WISDOM – not our own of course, because ours is earthly, based on our own opinions, backgrounds and thoughts!  But if you have read Proverbs, it points us to the only wisdom that is right, pure and true – that of course, is God’s WISDOM.  So this is a joint article as Sue and I discuss some of the points about WISDOM!

If we look back and remember the unwise decisions we made in the past, (and we have all made them) we can see that it was not based on God’s principles or led by the Holy Spirit, otherwise it would have been right!  Lack of wisdom has consequences – when we reject, ignore or disobey God’s wise directions for our lives, which begins with our heart attitude, it destroys our relationship with God, it affects other people and our self-respect/integrity is ruined.

We need to base our getting of wisdom from the Bible, not human philosophers or man’s opinions, otherwise our standards/desires/attitudes are not what God desires of us.

One line from the study book says this –

“People who seek God’s wisdom walk a path that gradually becomes as bright as the full light of day!”

James 1:5 says that, “if we ask for wisdom, God will give it to us liberally!”

Prov.8:5 – “Wisdom hates pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech.”

“Wisdom gives knowledge and discernment, discretion, counsel and sound judgement, understanding and power.”

What is the difference between a wise person and one who lives by their own standards?

The wise person will be blessed and finds favour with God (Prov.9:1-12) and the others, dead in their sins (Prov.9:13-18). Strong words!

Remember –  God sent Jesus, the source of all wisdom, truth, grace and strength  – just as the song says, “In Christ alone, my hope is found.  He is my light, my strength, my song. This Cornerstone, the solid ground.” AMEN

May each of us seek God’s WISDOM in all we do as individuals who make up His church, that others will see Christ in us.


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