Gary’s Blog – March 2017

Some people who were unable to get to the breakfast on January 26, have asked for a report on what Josh and I presented. Below is most of what was shared.

Over the past 13 ½ years, we have sought to teach from God’s Word, to disciple those who wanted to grow in Christ, developed home groups and have helped people find their Spiritual Gifts and encouraged them to use them in the Church which is always a blessing to them and the Church as we work together as the Body of Christ.

Our aim has always been to intentionally follow Jesus, but we made it an ongoing theme for the Church that we might all be challenged to that each day wherever God puts us.

The Church Review at the end of 2015 showed that people were happy with the way the Church was going.

Since going to two services, we have seen a growth in numbers and with our aim to intentionally follow Jesus, many people have taken hold of that and it is great to see them developing into Christians that are reaching out to others.

We are entering a new phase at CBC – an exciting phase where we will see some changes and challenges before us.

Jesus, who is our example, went to where the people were. He met them on their turf. Somehow, we the Church, have moved away from that as a model. We cannot expect people to come to us – the Church, generally, does not have a good name in the community, so we need to show them God’s love and salvation where they are. After all, that is our commission.

With that in mind, with long service and holidays taken into account, I will stay on until the end of 2018 and then cut back on the days I work. As to how long, that will be up to the Board and the Church.

I want to see more of a change in our focus – I want to see us with a heart vision for evangelism and discipleship. To see the Church become more missional and in seeing that, be willing to look outside the box. To see us more intentional as we seek to intentionally follow Jesus. This is not some new radical teaching; this is the normal Christian life.

Therefore with Jeremy starting as family’s pastor, my suggestion is that we change Josh’s Job Description to include Home groups, Discipleship, Young adults and Creative Ministries.

Our vision, which Josh and I believe God gave us for the next 10 years is as follows:

  • We want to change the emphasis in our home groups to be missional. They need to take on different ministries in the homes to reach out to the community around them.
  • In 10 years’ time, the leadership structures will have changed. There will be an Executive Pastor who will oversee the Church as a whole, setting the vision.
  • There will be a Senior Pastor who will oversee CBC and its ministries, including home groups and church plants.
  • The Associate Pastors will be responsible for their respective ministries that is included in their Job Description.
  • Over the next 10 years, we want to see missional home groups started in the Northern Beaches, Redlynch, JCU, Earlville and in the new University campuses in the City.
  • We want to see a ministry to Backpackers started and developed.
  • We would like to see a Child Care centre developed.
  • We would like to see the Social Justice side of the Church grow to include a Community Kitchen, Op Shop and Food Bank, all with the view of being missional and reaching those who are in real need.
  • We would like to see a Counselling Service started where people can receive professional Christian Counselling.
  • We would like to see a retreat on the Tablelands developed and expanded to include Rehab facilities.
  • We want to see our facilities change to accommodate the growth and different aspects of our Church.
  • We need meeting rooms that can sit 25 people.
  • We need office space for Pastors, Administration etc.
  • We need counselling rooms
  • A multi-purpose Auditorium with 500 seats and moveable walls to enable us to hire them out for different sized conferences etc.
  • We would like to see a Coffee shop/cafe established
  • We need parking spaces that can be hired out during the week.
  • It would be good to see a ministry to indigenous people established.
  • We need to do this without putting the church into debt.

Different options will be discussed as the Building Committee continue to meet together.



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