Gary’s Blog – Novemember 2016

By the time you will read this, Sue and I, along with a team of seven other people (Karl and Liesel Kuhle, Steve Habjan from Cairns and Leigh and Lyn Wallace and Holly from Melbourne) will be in Thailand.  We would value your prayers as we teach English at Song Dao church, visit Tam Ta Kla church (where our church provided the    water tanks and stand), perhaps helping harvest the rice crop and then to Destiny Rescue to build some compounds for farm animals where the girls can visit and tend the animals , plant vegetables and enjoy farm life.

We wish that all of you could come and see what happens here in Thailand. It has certainly given us a new perspective on life and although we live in a culture that provides us with a home and more than we need, we appreciate even more what Australia offers. (sadly, things are not as good as they should be here now)!

To be with Christians that live so simply and yet are happy, and so welcoming is an example to us who live in a society where we focus on material things and what clothes we wear, how we look etc.

They have learnt to be content, to be thankful, to cope with persecution and appreciate all God’s blessings to them.   To see their reaction to receiving the two tanks and the high stand some years ago (to allow water pressure to water their rice crop), was humbling.  We are looking forward to visiting with them again.

Oh that we, Australian Christians, learn to be thankful, to focus on the important things with an eternal perspective, how the Church would function as it was meant to be. Content with whatever we have, humble and kind, and see others in a loving, non-judgmental way.

May we pray for each other, as members of the Body of Christ, that we will focus on Christ and reach our community for Him.




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