Jeremy’s Blog – July 2017

Hello church family.,

Hope you have had a great first half to the year. June was a bit of a different month. Gary being away and Josh moving down to the front office has changed the normality of work life. I believe Josh is doing a great job in his new role and although his plate has a lot more on it, he is meeting his work load nicely.

I’m looking forward to the first family picnic this year. Keep the date of the first Sunday in August which will be the 6th. We will hold the picnic after the 2nd service down at Goomboora Park in Brinsmead. Stay tuned for more details.

Kids Church is going well. We are working our way through the fruit of the spirit. It has been encouraging with some (definitely not all Cameron and Seth) of the answers about what they think some of the fruit means. Numbers have been increasing slowly which has been encouraging. I’ve been really impressed with the way Jim and Ruth run Kids Club in the second service. Thank you for all the hard work and prayer that you put into the ministry.

I have enjoyed talking with Josh about this current sermon series that we are in at the moment. I have been learning a lot through talking to Josh and preparing for sermons. I pray that these messages will have a great impact in your life.

This semester I will be starting my studies. I’m looking in the field of either Christian Studies or Christian Ministry. This will be the equivalent of 3 years’ full time but I will have to do it part time as it will be way too much on top of my workload. I’m looking forward to what will teach me through these studies.

It has been a pleasure to serve this church. It has been such a nourishing role and I’m so honoured to be a part of this church.  I would also like to thank my wife Kelly for all the time that she sacrifices to keep our family running. There have definitely been some challenges that have come before us. As I write this Leanna is in bed and has been for the last week. Hopefully we will know what is going on soon. Please pray that she will be healed from this illness.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what’s been going on over the last month or so. If you feel led to be a part of this fundamental Kids Church ministry, then come and find me and I can get the ball rolling.

Thanks for all your support.

Stay focused!

Jeremy, Kelly, Leanna, Cameron, Daniel and Erika

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