Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – July 2018

Hello church family.

With all that is going on this month in the church I just wanted to share something small that happened during the week. While I do believe that the convention that is held up here this month, Gary’s retirement and Josh’s ordination are all special events
and they should be celebrated, we also have to remember the small victories as they can be very important in someone’s journey.

During an RI lesson, I was teaching on the meaning of the camel through the eye of a needle. Most of the kids were like, ‘what …. that’s just crazy’ and the other kids just didn’t seem to know what was going on. I started to explain about the eye of a needle is also a small enough hole in a wall that only a camel without his pack could enter through. One of the children responded with, ‘so it’s like us not being able to make it through the narrow gate if we are carrying too much stuff’. Amen to that.

Stay focused and enjoy this exciting month.
Jeremy, Kelly, Leanna, Cameron, Daniel and Erika

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