Jeremy’s Blog – June 2017 (1st Blog!!!)

Hello church family,

I’m definitely starting to settle in to my role here. I feel excited about what God is doing in this church. In Kids Church we are looking at the fruit of the spirit. Not just at what a good tree looks like but also what a bad (of the flesh) tree looks like. Quiz your kids about what they are learning and see if any of it interests you. Our night time services will also be looking at this which will be great.

It’s exciting to have pastor Jireh starting next month. He and I will be able to encourage and share ideas which I think will strengthen our ministries. He has a lot of experience in this field and will be a great addition to the ministry team.

We are still needing more beanbags for the hall so if you have any that are no longer   being used then bring them on in and let us take them off your hands. I’m also on the hunt for a large woolly rug for the kids to sit on so again if you need me to take it from you then come and see me.

There have been positive signs in regards to new Kids Church leaders.  These people I believe will be a great asset to our team and I’m looking forward to working with them. There is always an opportunity for those that want to come and teach/mentor these kids. If that’s you then come and see me.

Church camp was a great success and a large thanks to those that helped especially Shane and Sarah. I had a great time meeting new people and strengthening friendships. I was also glad to see that the Irish Magician had prepared himself enough for his act. Please do not attempt to perform anything that you saw as each of his acts takes years of practice.

By the time that you read this our senior pastor Gary will be on leave. I hope that Gary and Sue will have an amazing time on their holidays and will return refreshed. Please pray for our ministry team as we try to cover Gary’s workload. This will ease a bit when pastor Jireh starts but we will always need your prayers.

What a great church we have here, it’s great to be able to serve with a congregation that wants to serve Jesus.

Yours in Christ