Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – June 2018

Hello church family.

For those that have not noticed, the name of the afternoon program (formally known as Bean Bag) has changed. The name J.A.M (Jesus and Me) has given direction and focus to the program and although it has only been changed this term, there are positives that are evident already. The ministry already had an outreach approach to its direction, however now this is emphasised due to the fact that out of all the church’s ministries to children, J.A.M has the greatest opportunity to reach out into the community. This ministry has great potential to teach children who don’t know God about the simple truths that we take for granted.

Kid’s church has been going well. I have been enjoying teaching about Genesis and
about the creation of the world. Sometimes we take for granted these fundamental truths of our faith and that is why it has been refreshing to know that these truths are being taught to the children.

Next month in the first week of the school holidays, there will be a QB Convention held in Cairns. It will run from the 3rd till the 6th of July. I believe it will be an exciting time to get together and I encourage you to attend if you are able to.

Study is nearly done for another semester and I’m looking forward to a little time off.
While it does stretch my time management a bit, I have been learning and feeling encouraged by what is being taught. This semester I have been studying two subjects; Old Testament Foundations and Introduction to Children’s Ministry.

One question that stood out to me from the many that were asked throughout the semester was ‘where do the children fit into the church’s vision?’ As you know I have a passion for teaching the children the truth and while allowing them to have fun and make long lasting friendships. I know what I believe in regards to where the children’s ministries should fit in, but I would like to help you think about this topic or even better yet, come and let me know what your view is.

In your opinion, are the children the future of the church or are they part of the church now? I would like you to contemplate this question and ask yourself another question. Judging by evidence alone, what is the Cairns Baptist Church’s view in regards to the importance of children? Are we inclusive in all areas of our vision or is children’s ministry a separate entity unto its own?

If you would like to know where I stand on this matter or have something that you would like to say, then please come and talk to me as I’m keen to know how the church views the children in our church. On a more personal note I have been trying to take better care of myself as I no longer have a job where I’m either on a rooftop, climbing through ceilings, lifting heavy boxes and ladders etc etc. So if you see me eating something that isn’t good for me then pull me up on it … please. Other than that issue things are going well. The family is managing well with Kelly reducing the amount of days that she is working at the school. This has allowed Kelly to free up her time for other important things like playgroup and other children’s ministries.

That’s about it from me and as I usually say, stay focused.
Jeremy, Kelly, Leanna, Cameron, Daniel and Erika.

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