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Jeremy’s Blog – May Missions 2018

Hello church family.

This year is passing by so fast, but I hope it’s not too fast to focus on the important things in life. In Kids Church we will be focusing on the book of Genesis for the entire term. This is a great way to lay the foundations of the simple truths of the creation of our universe and God’s plan from the beginning to the end.

We have finally concreted in a name for our Friday afternoons program. Drum roll please …. J.A.M. Yes, that’s right, we are returning to the name J.A.M. I decided (and also agreed upon by the kids) that it would be good for the program to have a name that reflects the vision of where the group should be focused. While the name ‘Bean Bag’ was good as it reflected the casual environment that the kids could relax in, I believe J.A.M reflects the vision and goal of the group. J.A.M stands for Jesus and Me. If everything that we do in this group has the intention of discovering who Jesus is and what that means to each and every one of us, then it will be very successful.

It’s exciting to see ‘Mini Church’ starting and I believe it’s fantastic to see the opportunity for the younger ones to learn about Jesus and have a lot of fun in a controlled environment. They will also be learning the same material as Kids Church which I think is awesome. Thanks Rose for all your efforts and for those that are helping. I would also like to say a big thank-you to all the leaders that volunteer their time on a Friday afternoon, Sunday morning and during the week to invest into the children. All of you are greatly appreciated.

I have been listening to a few sermons by a pastor called Jeff Vines. One of his sermons was on spiritual hunger and how it works differently to physical hunger. When we become physically hungry, we can eat a nice meal and think how great that food was while feeling quite content and full. I know people wonder why they don’t feel the same hunger to spend time with God and here is the reason why. To not eat physical food increases our appetite. To not spend time with Jesus and read His word decreases our appetite. Our physical and spiritual appetites work in opposite directions. If we want to increase our appetite to spend more time in His word and in His presence, then we must first decide to make the time to do so. It may seem difficult at first, but the more time you spend with Him then the hungrier you will become. Spending time with Jesus will become a necessity rather than a decision of whether you want to or not.

Thanks for taking the time for reading my report. I’m always open to have a chat, even
though I may seem busy on Sunday mornings. Stay focused and may your appetite grow more and more for His presence.

Jeremy, Kelly, Leanna, Cameron, Daniel and Erika

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