Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – July 2018

Lately I have been challenged by this idea of the need to protect your heart even when fully involved in where God calls you. What does it even mean to protect or care for your heart? For the longest time, I thought that simply meant praying or reading my Bible a little more than usual and being ‘in the moment’ spiritually. Of course, you and I know, prayer and Bible study are key elements for all of us – I thoroughly enjoy my moments in study, meditation, and spiritual solitude. But even with these key spiritual disciplines I was secretly struggling with unforgiveness, anger, fear, and lust. Here’s what I lacked for many years that confused my heart and endangered my ministry: community.

Over the years I’ve picked up some life-changing lessons on protecting your heart and ministry and I think it comes down to three important things.

1. Admit you need people 2. Seek those people out 3. Connect consistently

A mentor asked me this question a while ago: What is a body meant to do? How is it really supposed to function? When I think about it, a body feels, processes, works as a united team. If a body has a weakness, it works with the other parts to strengthen or better coordinate with the injured part. There is great power in community and realising we are not made to “solo” this life.


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