Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – June 2018

Hi Church,

I want to take a bit of a different track this month for Connections. To start with I just want to say thank you to a lot of people that have just been awesome to me and my family. I won’t name people and some of you have no idea that you have been such a blessing but in the 10 months we have been back in Cairns we have been blessed by some great people. Over the last month I have had to do some reporting for QB (Queensland Baptist) which has been frustrating at times but it has also led to some reflection and again through that process I am encouraged by the people in our church that we know well and a lot of the time by people we are yet to get to know well. We have been blessed actively and passively and look forward to continuing to build those relationships and share life with you all.

The other thing that I want to talk about is Youth but more specifically ONE YOUTH. Each term we get together with other youth groups in Cairns and the Tablelands for a light of celebration and fellowship. We are still very intentional about the teaching that happens on a ONE YOUTH night but it’s a chance for youth groups to get together and realise that they are not alone. There are others even in their same school that believe the same things and we can be excited by that. A typical night involves some games and chill time, worship, teaching and then breaking into school groups to spend time praying for their school, teachers, friends and a range of other things.

This term we hosted here at CBC and it was a great night! I’m told it was the best attended night for some time with 130+ kids and then leaders added to that number. We managed to snag Tim Downes from GIA to share with us and if you caught him on the following Sunday night at church you will know he is a great communicator. The theme of the night was about “standing tall in a world we don’t belong to” like Daniel in Babylon. One of our very talented leaders came up with a great way to connect and challenge the kids by asking them to write on a cardboard person “when have you stood for Christ” and “when will you stand for Christ”. There were some great responses and upon reflection I am excited about these kids and this generation that is facing challenges that were never anticipated by the church but showing character that stands on the shoulders of those who have and are leading that way.

Please don’t ever underestimate the power of praying for our teens and the importance of an encouraging comment or a genuine conversation at church over morning tea between services. Please be praying for them and for us as leaders.

 Pray for them to have a greater understanding of Christ and to really own that decision
 Pray for strength of character in the face of adversity and temptation
 Pray that they will be receptive and attentive to the Holy Spirit
 Praise God with us for the integrity and discernment that they already show
 Pray for Godly and wise people to be placed in their lives to continue with their discipleship

Thanks and God Bless


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