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Jireh’s Blog – May Missions 2018

Hi Church and Happy May!

Rose, myself and our progeny (not a word we hear often enough…) have just returned from a couple of weeks off and the last spent at the Big 4 Whitsunday Resort just outside Airlie Beach and it was a great time!!! What a great park, with great stuff to do for kids all ages or a great place to just chill out and relax. Worth the 7 hour drive
that’s for sure to have a squad of ducks wake us up every morning outside our cosy little camper trailer. It was for sure a good time away and I dare say I feel quite relaxed
although another week would have been sooooo good. Spending time together just the 4 of us can sometimes be a different experience as most often we go away with other family or friends but this time was very special and so good to watch the kids growing and making friends. Jessica seems to have no social anxiety at all making friends as soon as we get there and Chuck is now old enough to be heaps of fun chasing him through the waterslides and playground equipment.

These holidays I was pretty intentional on just taking a moment to chill and not do a whole lot. I even left books behind and simply read for fun which I haven’t done in a while but one of the tasks I set myself was to go through some old hard drives and collate the data onto one drive. Some of these drives go back to when we were just married. Going over old photos from before we were married and listening to old tastes in music was a lot of fun but I also found a document that I though I had lost with notes and quotes I had collected from countless conferences, study, books sermons and ‘stuff’ I had been to. Long ago I realised that rather then taking copious notes I tend to remember better if I take down key phrases and quotes. Keeping these in a master document means I come back to them from time to time and force myself to reconsider them in the light of new information and personal growth. Let me share some of them with you:

 “Discipleship is not an event, its a way of life” – Dr. Ron Hunter
 “Isn’t it interesting what God can do with an hour if it is given unto him.” – Dr. Ron Hunter
 “You can’t win your child’s heart if you are only negative in the shared spaces.” – Dr. Ron Hunter
 “Face to face is confrontational but shoulder to shoulder allows an atmosphere for tough topics.” – Dr. Ron Hunter
 “Some conversations you have with your kids will never be remembered. But if you don’t have them, they can never be remembered.” -Dr. Ron Hunter
 “Discipleship at home was not about doing more but inviting Christ into what we were already doing.” -Christina Embree
 “Brushing your teeth can become discipleship. Parking far away can be discipleship. Hearing sirens can be discipleship.” – Christina Embree
 “The time to prepare for marriage is not after you get engaged, the time is now.” Dr. Gary Chapman
 “Spiritually lethargic parents create spiritually lethargic kids. Spiritually alive parents produce spiritually alive kids.” -Dr. Richard Ross

Some points to ponder over the next moth perhaps. Anyway that’s all from me as I’m about to go watch Avengers Infinity War with my beautiful wife.


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