Josh’s Blog – October 2016

G’day Church,

I used to enjoy reading and listening to a little political commentary. I even used to watch regularly Parliaments question time on the ABC. But over the past few years the circus it has become where political fame trumps over good policy, popular opinion over common sense, where there’re continual lies and deceit, token gestures, bowing to minorities, where contradiction and hypocrisy are now the norm, I am over it!!! And now with the official call for a plebiscite in February, the rhetoric and insults, political correctness, and all of these things will only get worse instead of a well-constructed debate and respectful disagreement. Just the other day an ACL event was planned to be held at the Mercure Hotel at the Sydney airport until it was cancelled due to safety concerns from threats and bullying of far Left wing haters. I dare say that this is only the beginning… Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull is a big supporter of same-sex marriage. He is also very proud, some say arrogant, and would hate being mocked as a puppet of his party’s conservatives. He will want to assert himself against those conservatives — against people like Tony Abbott — so that he can please those on the Left. This is his big chance. Yes, he did promise to stick with Abbott’s plan to let the public, not the politicians, decide whether to allow same-sex marriage. But what happens if the Parliament refuses to green light the plebiscite? What then? Even now Mr Turnbull refuses to say what he’ll do if or once the Senate blocks that plebiscite. Surely, that would add to the pressure on from the LGBTI, the Greens, Labor and some LNP politicians to give in and allow the Parliament to decide? Mr. Turnbull is clearly leaving himself room to cut a deal with Labor to have a vote on same-sex marriage. In fact, Mr Turnbull on Friday let slip that he could now compromise on same-sex marriage changes, too. “We may have to negotiate on all of these matters,” he told 3AW, a radio station in Victoria. The thing is that this could succeed and the people won’t get a say. Here’s how. First, the Prime Minister would tell his Cabinet after the plebiscite is defeated in the Parliament that the Liberals must deliver this important social “reform” of same-sex marriage or risk looking weak and in disarray. Cabinet could then narrowly vote for same-sex marriage — a decision that will bind all the ministers. With those votes locked in, Turnbull could then win a vote of his party room as well, and then a vote of parliament. All this will be cheered ecstatically by the media, especially the ABC. Mr Turnbull will forever be the hero of the Left, no matter what happens next. And as for us, the voters, who cares what we think? Not a bulk of our politicians. But for now it is official, we all will get a say on same-sex marriage this coming February. Are you ready for it? This is a call to prayer. Pray for those with differing views. Pray for those like Lyle Shelton and other politicians that seek to stand up for what is right. But most of all pray that God’s will would be done and that Jesus would return soon!!!!! And of course keep informed. Perhaps speak to Karl about ways in which you can do that.


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