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Josh’s Blog – July 2018

G’day Church,

I want to thank you for your generosity in giving money for Glen and Suthida Westwood last month. What a great thing to be a blessing to this family as they serve overseas in Asia.

I hope you are enjoying the sermons on Hebrews 11 the last couple of months. This month we will be concluding the series and starting something fresh in August. Last Sunday I preached a sermon about saying “No”. Sometimes it takes great faith to say “No” and to refuse what is being presented. Sometimes we are too hasty to jump to the “Yes” when faith calls for a measured reaction to any situation as it presents itself. I used Moses as the example from Hebrews 11:23-28. These verse show us 5 things that Moses refused to do, and in all of these things Hebrews tells us he did “By faith”:

1. He Refused Egypt’s Family.
2. He Refused Egypt’s Pleasure.
3. He Refused Egypt’s Wealth.
4. He Refused Egypt’s Rule.
5. He Refused Egypt’s Religion.

And while all this was going on God was arranging the details so that at just the right moment, Moses would say “Yes” to God’s command to go and lead the people out of Egypt. Here he was, as the King James Version calls it, in the “backside of the wilderness” (Exodus 3:1), in the middle of nowhere, a long way from anywhere, in the last place where you would expect to meet God. So, naturally, that’s where Moses met God. And it happened while he was just doing his job, taking care of business, making sure the sheep are cared for. He’s not thinking, “Today God will speak to me in a burning bush.” He’s thinking, “I hope there’s water somewhere around here.” And in the midst of doing his duty, in the normal routine of life, in a most unlikely place, God speaks to him. That’s how it usually happens. It is in our everyday that God gets us involved with him. It is not, for the most, some mountain experience but in the midst of our going about that God asks us to live by faith. And he lovingly brings us alongside and shows us the next step or two forward. Sometimes you need to say “No” to many things. Other times living by faith is a resounding “Yes” to the Lord.

Coming up this month from my perspective is:

July 1st – My Ordination service. This service will be one morning service starting at 9am with a shared morning tea afterward.
July 3rd-6th – Queensland Baptist Assembly at Rydges in Cairns. This is shaping to be a very busy week around the church. There’ll be plenty of unfamiliar faces around the church for interviews and meetings. Thursday night is a dinner for all the delegates (Pastors etc.) hosted at the church. The key speaker Edmund Chan will be speaking at both services on the Sunday morning.

July 29th – Dad’s ‘Decommissioning’ – This is another significant moment in the church as our long serving Pastor Gary retires from ministry. We hope to celebrate this significant moment in his and Sue’s life as well as ours as a church. Again this will be 1 service on this Sunday starting at 9am with a celebratory morning tea following.

Have good month in church!!

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