Josh’s Blog – February 2017

Hi Everyone,

I was getting ready for the birth of my 3rd child when Facebook was launched way back in February of 2004. I can remember thinking that there was no way this new thing would ever out do email or texting, yet alone an actual conversation!!!! Well a few years on and most of us may have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat account which we use. It still hasn’t taken away emails and texts but I have RSVP’d to a few parties late because people only use FB to invite – man I’m old or at least a little old school!!!

The purpose of Social Media was meant to keep us connected. It was a place where you could chat or post with your friends and family what you’ve been up. But in reality has it achieved this? Has it or does it bring us closer together? Do we really know what is going on in each others’ lives? Or do we really only see what we have all had breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

It might sound as though I am not a fan – well that’s true to a point. I use or at least have accounts which I look at from time to time and comment on even less, but it is sometimes nice to see what people are up to (I am a FB stalker!!!). The real awkward issue for me in getting on board fully with Social Media is knowing what to write or what to post. I don’t live a real glamorous lifestyle, I’m fairly boring really and therefore I think that for the most the things I might post would really make no difference to anyone, so I don’t post very often.

But it got me thinking while on holidays recently about some filters or some guidelines or the type of things I would consider if I was to ever use Social Media as a means of communication. In that brief moment I did think to myself – “That’s enough time (and brain matter) spent on this subject” so I moved on. But then the Lord, as sometimes the Lord does, I was reminded of my thoughts when I went to my brothers for a visit. On his toilet wall was a print out of an article written in Relevant magazine by Cara Joyner. I’m not sure who she is, I think she gives out tech advice, but she wrote about some considerations when posting something on Social Media which I thought were a good start to the things I had been thinking. Here’s what she had to say:

Am I seeking approval?

Am I boasting?

Am I discontent?

Is this a moment to protect?

Is it kind?

So if you’ve ever had some thoughts about the value of Social Media, what to post, what guidelines to put in place for your young person, I hope these ideas might help us         consider just how we use it.

Until next month,


PS. If you want to read how she expands on those 5 ideas you could visit the web page at: