Josh’s Blog – June 2017

Hi Church.

I’m a spinach appreciator. I use it a lot when I’m cooking. I put in in omelets, in salads, steam it, puree it and just eat it by itself. I think it is a great vegetable as it can be used hot or cold and it is really good for you too.

Now in speaking of spinach, the other day I was humming to myself without even realising it, the theme song to Pop-eye the Sailor man. I shake my head wondering why something so random would just pop into my head – still have no idea, guess I’m just a little weird!!!! But as I am reminded about it now I wonder what made the cartoon Pop-eye so relatable and desirable?

I reckon it is because Pop-eye was just an ordinary everyday person who in difficult situations would pop open a can of spinach and within moments he was the hero and able to do amazing things and of course rescue the girl…

Now, if I could draw a fairly long bow and try to use Pop-eye to talk about how we all can be a “Pop-eye” when it comes to living for the Lord!!!! You see Pop-eye had the    potential, he just needed his spinach for him to realise this potential. Each of us are just everyday ordinary people just trying to live a life for the Lord the best we can. Do you know what? We have also been given potential by the Lord to do amazing things with him. We have the Holy Spirit living and indwelling in us. He inspires us and prompts us to continually feed on what is good for us so we have the strength to live for the Lord in all we do. We need our spinach.

So what ways do we get our “spinach”? What gives you the best strength and energy to live for the Lord? Is it prayer? Is it being recharged by the Word? Is it fellowship? Is it praise and worship? Is it being bold? All of these things are good spinach for us. God wants us to be involved in this “potential realisation” and so it is vital for us to keep feeding on Godly things so He can shape us and change us and help us so that in him we can see great things happen.

And while I have your attention, let me tell you of a few things that are coming up over the next couple of months:

Our May Missions Month offering is going to be taken up on the 4th June. Would you prayerfully consider if you are able to contribute to this offering?

As far as Sunday’s services, the first Sunday of the month, in the morning, will take on a bit of a different feel. We are hoping to involve the kids more in the service and also hoping to have a few different people share. We will also have a bit more of a focus on Communion as well. We are starting a series in the morning about False Teachings that have crept into the Church. We’ll be looking at ideas like prosperity, exaggerated views on grace, individualism, the challenge against God’s Word and even a softening on hell.  In the evening we are going to start a series called “Designer Upgrades”. In this series we’ll be doing an examination and discussion on the fruit of Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23. We’re really looking forward to both of these series over the next couple of months.

Also in the coming weeks a couple of home groups will be forming in the Northern Beaches and an existing group will be getting an upgrade (*Moving to a different meeting place and a new leader)!!!! So keep an ear out for this to happen if you are in the catchment area of the groups.

There’s also a Quarterly Members Meeting that has been called for the 14th June, 7pm at the church.

I think that’s it. We’ll just have to remember to keep eating our spinach!!!!