Jeremy’s Blog – July 2017

Hello church family., Hope you have had a great first half to the year. June was a bit of a different month. Gary being away and Josh moving down to the front office has changed the normality of work life. I believe Josh is doing a great job in his new role and although his…

Josh’s Blog – July 2017

Hi Church, Over the coming weeks we will be covering some false and dangerous teaching that seems to be in the Church (Universal) at the moment. The first topic we covered was about the prosperity doctrine. I came across this picture the other day while pre-paring for the recent sermon about the dangers of the…

Jeremy’s Blog – June 2017 (1st Blog!!!)

Hello church family, I’m definitely starting to settle in to my role here. I feel excited about what God is doing in this church. In Kids Church we are looking at the fruit of the spirit. Not just at what a good tree looks like but also what a bad (of the flesh) tree looks…

Josh’s Blog – June 2017

Hi Church. I’m a spinach appreciator. I use it a lot when I’m cooking. I put in in omelets, in salads, steam it, puree it and just eat it by itself. I think it is a great vegetable as it can be used hot or cold and it is really good for you too. Now…

Gary’s Blog – May 2017

Well, the time is almost here. Sue and I will be taking some long service leave from the middle of May. We will miss the Church and will be praying for Josh, Jeremy and Richard as they minister to each section of our Church – general, families and Chinese fellowship.  They will, as always, need your prayers,…

Prayer at the Church

Join us for prayer every Wednesday morning.

Creative Ministries Team Night

Whole Team from 7:30pm ~ Sunday Team from 8:30pm Join us as we play & sing together, learning new songs & worshipping together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Family Worship

Join us for a weekly celebration service.

Focused Families

Hey Families, we meet at the church every week. We start at 5:00pm on Monday nights. Contact Jeremy D. for more info.
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