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Gary’s Blog – March 2017

Some people who were unable to get to the breakfast on January 26, have asked for a report on what Josh and I presented. Below is most of what was shared. Over the past 13 ½ years, we have sought to teach from God’s Word, to disciple those who wanted to grow in Christ, developed…

Josh’s Blog – November 2016

Hi Church, As many of you know I have a tradition of going down to the AFL Grand Final with my brothers to watch the game. Well this year was no different – apart from one of my brothers, who will not be named because he is now dead to me, not being able to…

Gary’s Blog – Novemember 2016

By the time you will read this, Sue and I, along with a team of seven other people (Karl and Liesel Kuhle, Steve Habjan from Cairns and Leigh and Lyn Wallace and Holly from Melbourne) will be in Thailand.  We would value your prayers as we teach English at Song Dao church, visit Tam Ta…

Josh’s Blog – October 2016

G’day Church, I used to enjoy reading and listening to a little political commentary. I even used to watch regularly Parliaments question time on the ABC. But over the past few years the circus it has become where political fame trumps over good policy, popular opinion over common sense, where there’re continual lies and deceit,…

Family Worship

Join us for a weekly celebration service.

Focused Families

Hey Families, we meet at the church every week. We start at 5:30 pm on Monday nights. Contact Jeremy D. for more info. IN RECESS UNTIL 2017

Prayer at the Church

Join us for prayer every Wednesday morning.

Creative Ministries Team Night

Whole Team from 7:30pm ~ Sunday Team from 8:30pm Join us as we play & sing together, learning new songs & worshipping together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.