Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blog – APR 18

Hi Church, Thanks for another opportunity to share with you again in the Connections. Welcome to you if you are also visiting with us. I trust you have a warm experience as you worship and fellowship with us. Well the series on ‘Change’ has come and gone and I have appreciated the positive feedback from…

Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – March 18

Hello church family, By now you are probably back into the routine of things and wishing for another holiday. The year goes by so fast and before you know it, it’s time to celebrate what Jesus did for us all on the cross 2000 odd years ago. I hope that you are able to take…

Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – March 18

In high school, I was a nerd, some may argue that nothing has changed… I surrounded myself with all things sci-fi and fantasy, from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to superheroes and vampire slayers. I wore those interests on my sleeve, and most of us in my youth group did the same. We…

Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blog – March 18

G’day everyone, Recently Gin and I and the kids were blessed to spend some time in Australia’s eastern most island, New Zealand. What a place. Not a bad view anywhere you looked. Towering snow capped mountains, clear blue lakes and running rivers, so much nature!!! I’m not sure why they are all wanting to come…

Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – Feb 18

Hello church family, What an amazing time it has been over this Christmas holiday season. Hope you all have had some time to spend with your families but most importantly to reflect on the birth of Jesus. It may seem a bit cliché but the truth is still the same, that He is the reason…

Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – Feb 18

Hi Church, I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi on opening night, and I’ve been thinking about it since then. I know I will cop flack for this statement and so be it… This has to be in the top three of the best Star Wars movies ever made along with Rouge 1 and A…

Gary’s Blog – Feb 18

Well, here it is. My last Connections article as Senior Pastor! What an amazing almost 15 years it has been. There has been the inevitable challenges, disappointments, hurts and frustrations, but that is to be expected in this thing we call life. It’s how we handle them that’s important and yes, there has been times…

Jeremy DeVries

Jeremy’s Blog – Dec 17 / Jan 18

Hello church family, Hope this report finds you well. Hopefully as you are reading this you will not be able to find me here in the church. My family are making plans to travel to the Gold Coast in the be-ginning of the school holidays. We are all excited about this trip and I’m sure…

Jireh Scheurwater

Jireh’s Blog – Dec 17 / Jan 18

Hi Church, How exciting it’s CHRISTMAS!!! … soon… but it’s that great time of the year and I for one love Christmas and all that goes into it. Is Christmas over commercialised?… Yes… Does it seem to be a lot more about the carnal then the spiritual?… Yes… Do we spend?… I’m not even going…

Josh McGinty

Josh’s Blog – Dec 17 / Jan 18

Hi everyone, As you know recently my brother Matthew has been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. It was a bit of a shock when we heard the news. Emotions ran free. Questions were asked. And many a prayer was (and still are being) uttered. It is difficult to know exactly what to say and think when…

CBC Youth – Breakup Night (MOVIES!!!)

Hey Youth! We’re gonna head to the Movies tonight! (Still not sure which one though) Can’t wait! More details to follow closer to the night

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Ordination Service

Ordination of Pastor Joshua McGinty On July 1 we will be celebrating the ordination of our Senior Pastor Josh McGinty.  This will be the first Queensland Baptists ordination service held outside of Brisbane. Join us from 9am for a single morning service and bring a plate to share at the morning tea that will follow.