Helping Hand’s Group

We are a small group of ladies that gather at the church hall every Friday 11:00 to 3:00. It is a great time of fellowship & fun with each other while helping others. Everyone brings their own lunch and drink. Not everyone comes to the church but some sew clothing / bags, knit beanies and gather items to be drop off at the church for packing and sending.

Please Contact Us if you would like to join us or would like to donate money or items towards any of our projects.

Helping Hand’s – Supported Projects
Samaritan’s Purse
We send about 150 – 200 shoe boxes each year, the shoeboxes contain toys, school items, play items. The shoebox packing days are loads of fun for all.

For more information please follow the below link or Contact Us.

Australian Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child-

Papua New Guinea & Saibai Island
Pastors Packs – (big backpack, big pastors Bible, Christian books, daily readings, exercise books, display book, clipboard, small sewing kit, drink bottle, toilet bag full of items, cap/hat, belt, undies, t-shirt, brand-new tie, pair of shorts, 2 x watches, 6 x pairs of wedding rings, torch, pair of scissors, pocket knife, chalk, stationery – pencils, pens, erasers)

Sunday School Packs – (40 colouring pencils, 20-30 lead pencils, sharpers and erasers, 20 pens, 6 x rulers, chalk, crayons, colouring pictures for Sunday School lessons, bookmarks for prises, 10 exercise books, 6 New Testaments, 3-4 bibles, some children’s devotional readings, a Bible atlas, bags of marbles, tennis balls, beading kits for older girls

For more information please Contact Us.

Aunty Rosas Orphanage – Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea
Our Lord has opened a window for us to get clothing and necessities up to Aunty Rosas Orphanage at Mt Hagen, P.N.G. The last 3 years we have only be able to send up small Christmas gifts but now with this special connection to Mt Hagen we are able to get up clothes, school items, and food (catering bread mix, soup mix, pikelet mix, salt rice, & powdered milk).

For more information please Contact Us.

Direct support, for the Orphanage, can be made via:

Support for Mothers & Kids travelling from a far to Cairns Base Hospital
Support for kids and mothers who travel for treatment at Cairns Base Hospital. We gather items to make up a kid’s bag and a mother’s bag for mother. The bags are packed with Bibles, things to do and some necessities for people staying away from home.

For more information please Contact Us.

Prisons Ministry (Angel Tree)
We support the Prisons Ministry (Angel Tree). We collect new toys and games all year, then package and deliver all around Cairns and post off all around the north.

For more information please follow the below links or Contact Us.

Prison Fellowship – Angel Tree (Qld) –

Prison Fellowship – Angel Tree (Australia) –

Support for Cape York Remote Communities
We send packages of second-hand clothing, linen & baby packs for remote communities across Cape York: Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw, Hope Vale & Yarrabah.

Items for Kowanyama are sent either directly to the Kowanyama Church or via the not-for-profit organisation oUT tHERE Kowanyama Inc. –

Most items for Yarrabah are sent to the Church second-hand store. They are currently fundraising to build a kitchen café.

For more information please Contact Us.

African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Center
We help the African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Center with collecting clothes, linen & other available items to be shipped to Africa.

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African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Center (A.C.H.R.C.) –

Craft Kits for Mission Trips to Thailand & Fiji
We support church mission trips to Thailand & Fiji by sending craft kits. It has been great to see hundreds of craft kits go to support these community outreach programs over the years.

For more information please Contact Us.

Daru School for the blind, deaf and disabled
We send around September by boat: children’s clothes, craft material, stuff animals with different textures and musical instruments for the children.

For more information please Contact Us.

Nursing Sister Kaa (Kay) Simons
Nursing Sister Kaa (Kay) Simons has 10 “Birthing Huts” around Mt Hagen’s outer districts. Whenever we can, we get baby clothes and necessities to her. She also needs funds to purchase kerosene to light the night while a little baby is born. We help her in this necessary work so little ones are born in a hut not a jungle.

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