Online Giving

Online Giving


We are keen to help church members find a method of tithing that suits them.

There are several different ways to contribute your tithing to the church.

  1. Direct Transfers via your Internet Banking service.
  2. Direct Debits can be arranged via the church office.
  3. Tithely from your mobile device.

See below for more details on each.

Internet Transfer

You can tithe online through your internet banking provider using the following details:

  • Account name:  Cairns Baptist Church
  • Account Number: 4000 388 73
  • BSB Number: 704-913

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is an option used by many different companies to allow you to pay bills, fees and other payments online.  Usually the company tells you how much you owe them, and then they draw the funds directly from your bank account without your input required.

In using the Direct Debit option for tithing, you can specify how much we draw from your account and how often it occurs. This is a great option for people who work to a tight budget, as the same amount will be drawn each time at the specified time, so you will always know what is happening with your funds.

To set up a direct debit, please contact the church office.

Click below to give one-time or setup recurring giving. You can use your credit card, debit card or bank account. You can also give with the mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.


For more information you can check out the website or see the privacy policy.